SiTune Corporation’s latest IC release the STN6522 is a dual tuner chip supporting satellite and terrestrial RF inputs while providing both satellite AND terrestrial outputs concurrently at the same time. The STN6522 receives one satellite signal in the 950-2150 MHz spectrum AND one terrestrial / cable signal in the UHF/VHF spectrum from 44 to 1002 MHz.

With integrated LNA and elimination of the RF switch needed between tuners, the STN6522 enables low power consumption and shorts BOMs for the emerging hybrid satellite and terrestrial Set Top Box (STB) market. The STN6522 enables the Time-Shift TV feature in televisions as multiple 3T/3S modules are built into a television. This is a favorite feature in TVs that allows you to automatically record all programs from their favorite broadcast TV channels over a 1-week rolling window.

The STN6522 also enables STBs to support both satellite and terrestrial at the same time such that one channel can be watched while the other is recorded or streamed to another device. With 3T/3S, a user can receive 3 terrestrial channels and 3 satellite channels all at once. Great features for sure but even with the STN6522 installed you may not be able to fish a quality program from the pulp being broadcast these days.