Ötzi’s –4G cellphone found

January 6, 2016 | 09:44
Ötzi’s –4G cellphone found
Ötzi’s –4G cellphone found
Researchers are claiming they have dug up what looks like a 2K8-year-old Mesopotamian clay tablet cellphone, reportedly found in Fuschl am See, a town in Austria, just across the border where Ötzi was found (died –3K3 approx). The tablet strongly resembles the cellphones the researchers were using to take pictures of it.

According to the very reputable mysteriousuniverse.org, not much is known about what archaeologists were looking for when they came across this piece of not-so-terrestrial history, but it probably wasn't clay Sumerian tablets from the 13th century BCE.

How did a cuneiform tablet make its way to modern-day Austria, you ask? After all, Mesopotamia never expanded north or west of modern-day Turkey. Well, the theory proposes that aliens created Sumerian civilization, but lacking 4G infrastructures left the artifact behind after a failed attempt to introduce Austrian people to the great communicative powers of cellular phones.

The technology to make functioning clay cellphones is not known, but no doubt a team of researchers at Google will unravel the secret soon.
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