Circuit development can be slow, especially when you rely on external partners to deliver circuit boards or manufacture your hardware. But things are changing. New tabletop tools are ready to print and even pick and place your circuits, allowing you to speed up the iterative design process. Join Stuart Cording, The Electronics Reporter, as he explores the world of stretchable, flexible circuit prototyping with these show’s guests: Evan Skelsey (Voltera — NOVA) and Stephen Hawes (Opulo — LumenPnP).

Stretching the Boundaries of Circuit Prototyping

Imagine a world where circuit prototyping is not limited by rigid components and fixed designs. Evan Skelsey, representing Voltera's NOVA, is here to show us how stretchable and flexible circuit prototyping is becoming a reality. With NOVA, you can create circuits that conform to various shapes and sizes, allowing you to speed up the iterative design process like never before.

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Open-Source Pick and Place Revolution

But the innovation doesn't stop there. Stephen Hawes, from Opulo's LumenPnP, will take us on a journey into the open-source world of pick and place machines. These machines are not only efficient but also accessible to everyone. With open-source technology, you can set up your pick and place machine for small-scale production, prototyping, or even one-off boards. It's a game-changer for businesses and electronics enthusiasts alike.

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