I am not easily tempted to look at Ikea’s product range or visit their stores, but this one had me triggered: an E27-compatible replacement bulb with a couple of specifications that are remarkable if not impressive when found in a single product: 1,800 lm; 2,700 K; 90 CRI (color rendering index); 81 lm/W; dimmable.

I hope the absence of fins on the ‘Ledare’ range model LED1477G22 will not cause overheating under adverse circumstances.
With an E27 (27mm) screw fitting and a 95-mm diameter, opal white bulb this is a fat thing.

Ikea in their product sheet claim an estimated lifetime of 25 Khours to 70% of nominal luminous flux, and 25 Kswitching cycles. Power consumption is 22 watts; power factor, 0.9, energy class: A+; and lastly the price: £15.