SPI signal decoded automatically.
In this video, developer Riemer Grootjans explains several powerful features of his smart USB scope. Starting with the mobile use with a tablet, he visualizes a 10 MHz square wave with sync triggering and equivalent time sampling.

Clever and distinctive USB scope

I2C decoding is then demonstrated using a multiple temperature sensor board with I2C connected to a laptop PC, hooked up to the Smartscope as a logic analyzer.
Further SPI decoding is briefly showed too, as well as recorded data export and arbitrary wave generator (AWG).

Easy access to FPGA

“But, says Riemer, this is only the beginning. Our initial intention was to allow users to easily access a cheap FPGA platform from their PC. The first phase was the Smartscope as a self supporting application providing user friendly oscilloscope and logic analyzer functions. The second phase now consists of opening up the whole framework. This allows people to implement their one VGL program and upload it to the Smartscope, making it configurable from outside (LabVIEW, Matlab). Hence it becomes an ideal tool for anybody who wants to experiment with FPGA.”