SmartScope software enhanced

October 28, 2015 | 09:54
SmartScope software enhanced
SmartScope software enhanced
The SmartScope from the young Belgian company LabNation is a universal, two-channel, USB oscilloscope with many features. The accompanying user-interface software is compatible with virtually all computer platforms (Windows, Android, OS X, iOS, Linux) and is optimized for both mouse and touch interfaces. An extensive review of the SmartScope was featured in the July & August 2015 issue of Elektor magazine; get it as a free download below.

In the past few months the developers of the Smartscope have not been idle and that has resulted in several enhancements to the software. There is now the option of performing an FFT analysis on the two input channels, where the user can select from several different windowing functions such as  Blackman-Harris, Hann and Hamming. The frequency scale of the FFT display can be switched between linear and logarithmic and the amplitude scale between voltage and decibel.

There is now also a mixed-mode available, which allows an analog input to be displayed on the screen together with eight digital inputs. This function is very useful when tracing signals in circuits that contain both analog and digital signals.

The number of protocol-decoders has been expanded and now comprises six types, including 3- and 4-wire SPI and I2C. The options for using analog operators have also been extended. Furthermore, the software has received numerous small changes and additional features.

Owners of a SmartScope will always receive a free upgrade to the newest version with all its enhancements and updates through the update function in the software.
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