A new kit jointly created by Lime Microsystems and seeed studio is claimed to provide everything you need to get started learning SDR basics and developing IoT applications. The Grove Starter Kit for LimeSDR Mini is targeted at educational use and for beginners, and carries a price tag of $249. Besides the LimeSDR building block optimised for 433/868/915 MHz and the associated antennas, the kit also contains an array of Grove sensors and output-related boards from seeed studios. The computing power for the software defined radio (SDR) is afforded by a GrovePi+ and a Raspberry Pi (2, 3 or Zero can be used).

By combining the hardware components with Lime’s ScratchRadio software extension, users will be able to quickly and intuitively create simple and fun applications that integrate SDR capabilities and peripheral I/O. The LimeSDR platform supports cellular, IoT, DVB, GNSS and other RF applications and has a strong base of developers and backers, including Vodafone. And seeed, well they should not require an introduction here.

Kit Contents:
  • 1 x LimeSDR Mini
  • 1 x Antenna for 433 MHz unlicensed band
  • 1 x Antenna for 868/915 MHz unlicensed band
  • 1 x GrovePi+
  • 1 x Grove Ultrasonic Ranger
  • 1 x Grove Temp & Humi Sensor
  • 1 x Grove Temperature Sensor
  • 1 x Grove Rotary Angle Sensor
  • 1 x Grove Button
  • 1 x Grove Light Sensor v1.2
  • 1 x Grove 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer (±1.5 g)
  • 1 x Grove Relay
  • 1 x Grove – Sound Sensor
  • 1 x Grove LCD RGB Backlight
  • 1 x Grove Buzzer
  • 1 x Grove Red LED
  • 1 x Grove LED Bar 2.0
  • 1 x Grove Touch Sensor
  • 1 x Grove Piezo Vibration Sensor
  • 1 x Acrylic base plate
  • 1 x Short USB extension

The Grove Starter Kit for LimeSDR Mini received 370% overfunding through crowdsupply where it can be ordered.