Many people today use earbuds to listen to music while participating in sports such as cycling or jogging. However, earbuds are sometimes inconvenient and they often tend to fall out. S-tone sports glasses, a project presently collecting pledges on Kickstarter, put an end to these problems.

Instead of the conventional approach of using miniature speakers in earbuds to convey sound through the air to the ears, the S-tone glasses use transducers that gently press against the bone structure on the sides and back of the user’s head, near the ears. This way the sound is conducted directly through the bone. To ensure consistently good sound transfer, the glasses are held firmly on the user’s head by an elastic strap, and they can even be used while swimming.

Right now the S-tone campaign is not going very fast, with a lot more pledges necessary to reach the target figure of $60,000. If you are keen to get your hands on pair of these innovative glasses, you should act fast because the Kickstarter campaign only runs a few days more.