Tactigon SKIN Reload is a wearable mouse that you can use both for work and for play. It’s not only a mouse, it’s something that goes beyond the idea of a mouse. It offers a more natural and more easy interaction between man and machine.
Tactigon SKIN

Tactigon SKIN is going to change the way you interface. In fact, it solves the not-natural action of the traditional device during interactions with machines. For example, a mouse typically controls the motion of a pointer in two dimensions (not natural) in a graphical user interface (GUI). Tactigon SKIN breaks all this by offering the possibility to work directly in a 3D environment (through gestures) and to use voice to take control of a PC and interact with presentations, for example (very natural). If you pair the Tactigon Skin with a second device, you can create complex gestures that the Artificial Intelligence algorithm can recognize.
Tactigon has been a product line since 2017. It started with Tactigon ONE, IoT motion sensor, then Tactigon Skin in 2018 (version 1) as a gesture controller and now also Tactigon T-GR (read Tiger) motion software, able to recognize 16 gestures with high accuracy. As we ventured into the 2.0 of the design, we have had the support of Comau/FCA, Nokia/OrangeVelleman for Makers, NTT Data, and the Universities of Kaiserslautern, Germany and Milan, Italy.

The main features of Tactigon SKIN Reload:

• Wearable (on the hand)
• Tunes gestures and voice into commands
• Time saving device – workflow boost
• Patented Design
• Free/natural fingers movements
• Control for 3D CAD Software and Presentation
• Scalable to Robotic, Computer, Games controller and more 
To have one, you just need to sustain our crowdfunding campaign. Be fast to grab yours at the very special price of $69 !!