The NXP Cup is a yearly global competition for student teams and robotics clubs to build, program, and race an autonomous model smart car as fast as possible around a track. And not just for fun, as the overall winning team will be flown to Silicon Valley!

The objective of the NXP Cup is to build and race pro-level autonomous cars without spending pro-level money. To accomplish this, well designed and highly optimized hard- and software are needed, clearly not an easy task.

The NXP Cup is a great way for engineering students to become familiar with the skills they will need in their professional career. Or, as Lars Reger, CTO of NXP Automotive put it: "The technology, university support, and the incredible partner ecosystem gives students opportunities to learn key collaborative teamwork skills and become familiar with core technologies to build autonomous robots."

Creating an autonomous car capable of participating, and, if possible, winning, requires:
  • Embedded software programming and basic circuit design skills;
  • Optimizing motor control hard- and software for highest speed and best steering precision;
  • Embedding a camera to help the car stay on the track by following a guide line.

To help the participating teams to achieve their goals, the 2019 edition of the NXP Cup comes with revised rules that allow for more freedom:
  • Unlimited sensors;
  • Free choice & unlimited number of NXP processors;
  • More challenges to earn extra points with: Timed Race, Figure-of-8, Obstacle Avoidance and Speed Limit Zone.

Besides more lenient rules and extra challenges, the track itself has been improved as well and offers better grip, allowing for higher speeds.

Do you want to participate? You can, inscriptions close on November 30, 2018.