Continuous miniaturization and increasing thermal demands of the final application, introduce more challenges to the electronic assembly processes. With a balanced combination of the used soldering materials the probability for field defects will be dramatically reduced.

Increased thermal demands in the industry, especially in the automotive sector, are requiring high reliability alloys. For this reason, Alloy SN100CV® is gaining popularity and relies on increasing automotive qualifications. The alloy SN100CV® offers stabilized high reliability whilst other alloys (like SAC based) will significantly reduce reliability as the product is getting older. By introducing atoms with bigger dimensions as Sn atoms in SN100CV® alloy, the crystalline structure of the Tin matrix will be disturbed leading to a thermally more stable microstructure.

Unlike other high reliability alloys the SN100CV® offer the unique benefit that it can be used in all soldering processes, even in liquid soldering processes such as wave and selective soldering. SN100CV® is also introduced in the latest solder paste technology JEAN-151.
The Perfect Combination for Reliable Electronic Assemblies
JEAN-151 is the most versatile solder paste available in the market. It offers 9 different alloys (Pb-free, SnPb as well as LMP alloys) with one and the same flux technology. It is available in different solder powder dimensions (IPC class T3 – T5) to guarantee a smooth „zero defect“ printing process. The dedicated flux technology offers, besides a long shelf life, a very long stencil life whilst maintaining the same printing performance. It has a proven track record in intrusive reflow and other challenging solder paste applications.

For Cored Solder Wire processes like robotic soldering and manual soldering applications, the alloys SN100CV® and SN100C® can be combined with 2220NC or the latest StarCore®234-E flux technology. The dedicated shape of the flux core in the Starcore® versions will reduce/eliminate solder splattering in the soldering process. Due to this effect in combination with excellent soldering performance the StarCore®234-E is gaining explosive popularity.

If machine restrictions do not allow to use VOC free fluxes, there is the latest technology alcohol based ORL0 fluxes available. REGI-007 and REGI-RED differentiate themselves from competitors products because of its performance and versatility. They offer optimum soldering performance even on aged OSP surfaces and leave a minimum of very safe residues. Utilization can be with or without the use of Nitrogen.

REGI-BLUE is the latest VOC free soldering flux technology that will eliminate VOC emissions and as such is the most sustainable product in the flux range. Due to the special formulation the REGI-BLUE is, unlike its competitors, the only VOC free flux that shows no corrosion after soldering. REGI-BLUE offers perfect soldering results with the safest possible residues.

In case that „no-clean“ products should be cleaned there is a full range of cleaning materials available. For localized manual cleaning the aerosols Balver Spray Cleaner and GPC-R-114 can be used, both offer optimum cleaning performance. As the name says already the Multi Cleaner can be used for many different cleaning operations like for instance stencil cleaning, whether it is manual, automatic or USW. For tough contaminations in the used equipment the Equipment Cleaner is a perfect solution. After leaving the applied foam for some minutes on the surfaces to be cleaned, one can easily wipe of the contaminations with a piece of cloth. Simple and easy!
The Perfect Combination for Reliable Electronic Assemblies
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