The Atmel Xplained evaluation kits for their Cortex-M0+ devices have an on-board, single chip debug tool called EDBG that provides two hardware breakpoints. By loading a new, free firmware users can now upgrade this to an unlimited number of breakpoints and get access to the GNU Project Debugger (GDB) at the same time. The new firmware from Segger, to be downloaded free of charge, converts the Atmel EDBG to a J-Link OB debug tool. Not only does this upgrade allow setting an unlimited number of breakpoints in flash memory, it makes firmware programming much faster. A free cross-platform GDB Server for J-Link is also offered to allow the use of any GDB-based debug solution (e.g. emIDE and Eclipse) with J-Link. The upgrade is free of fees, waranties and support. It is not free of legal restrictions, though, so read the licence carefully before you reprogram your EDBG.