Mercedes have presented an electrically powered Urban eTruck. The rear axle is driven by motors in the hub. Three lithium-ion battery modules with a total capacity of 212 kWh should supply sufficient energy for a operating range of about 200 km. That is with a truck that has been designed for a maximum total mass of 26 tonne.

In addition to the undisputed advantage that the eTruck does not emit any exhaust gases locally, another advantage is the absence of the loud engine noise that is generally associated with a truck of this size. Look, and in particular, listen, to the demo video that Daimler AG have released.

Until recently such an eTruck was practically not feasible. Just the costs for the batteries alone would be sky-high. Recent developments have ensured that both the price as well as the capacity have progressed in a positive direction, which makes the concept of an Urban eTruck practicable. With en eye on the strict EU-requirements for the (urban) environment in the future, Mercedes, with this truck, is well prepared for the future.

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