V-Juice is changing the paradigm for charging smartphones with the first true interior design-compatible “slim fit wireless charger.” Our former participant V-Juice from the last electronica fast forward competition in Munich has made it to Indiegogo crowdfunding. We are happy to share the good news with our readers. V-Juice is a great example of how you can evolve from a prototype toward a real production. 

What Is the V-Juice Wireless Charger?

Charging your phones is necessary and even a priority in some cases. We can’t live without our phones, and we need them to function in our lifestyles. We use our smartphones to make money, get information, and contact our loved ones. Inevitably, our batteries get low and even die in the moments we need them the most!  Your New V-Juice will be the smartest and overall best purchase you will have. It is the thinnest and discreet charging station that can be installed and reinstalled anywhere where there is a surface.

V-juice wireless charger

Five exclusive features of patented V-Juice wireless charger:
  • V-Juice is the world's thinnest inductive charger - only 1mm thick
  • V-Juice has an iconic design and is available in many colors and patterns - integrating tech into an interior design accessory
  • V-Juice is self-adhesive, but can also be easily removed
  • V-Juice is charging the smartphone gently
  • V-Juice is compatible with all qi certified smartphones

Due to its discreet functional design, it fits very well into the interior design of an apartment or office.

Installed at "natural resting places" of the smartphone, places where it is usually put, it is there gently charged during the "rest period." Thus, you never have to leave home with an uncharged smartphone.


Most upmarket smartphones are able to be charged wirelessly. However, devices not equipped with wireless charging can be upgraded with an adapter.

The retail price (MSRP) is € 39.95 (approximately $42). That's money well spent for an innovative design solution.

Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign

The crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo started at the end of May offering the opportunity to be amongst the first users of V-Juice plus to receive great early-bird discounts. If you want to be part of it, check out the Indiegogo page

There are a variety of colors and patterns, from classic colors that harmonize with common furniture colors to eye-catching beautiful patterns like Marble and Space. Reaching certain funding levels, additional colors and patterns can be jointly defined by the crowd.
The colors of V-Juice wireless charger
Color options of the V-Juice wireless charger

And if you want to know which startups we are going present at electronica fast forward 2022, check out our booth B4.440 at electronica trade fair, 15th - 18th of November in Munich.