We’re Hiring! Technically Oriented Business & Institutional Client Managers (Senior and Executive)

December 7, 2015 | 17:53

Elektor’s Aachen (Germany) based offices are seeking creative and inquisitive engineers ready to boost the volume and intensity of Elektor’s business clients network.
Since 1961 the steady focus of Elektor has been on providing electronic engineers with essential information as well as inspiration at many levels. Today, Elektor employs up to date media to reach a vast audience with videos, webinars, websites, (online) magazines and (e-) books.
In addition to must-have information, Elektor also offers products and services from companies, educational institutes and distributors, to its 200,000 members in more than 80 countries.
Besides individual designers with a passion for electronics, Elektor members are mainly innovative people within homelabs, startup companies, and engineering bureaus.
Available in four languages to guarantee global reach, Elektor’s Store websites cover the wide field of low-volume electronics assembly to which tools, modules, components, embedded platforms, and instruments were added recently.
Elektor’s Aachen facility has two positions open, Senior and Executive, for sharp-minded, inquisitive engineers ready to join the existing Business Client Team.
The ideal candidates are either electronic engineers, or marketing specialists with a solid technical background. The candidate’s mother tongue should be German, preferably with a good command of English. So, no matter if you are an old hand with a professional career behind you, and looking for new challenges, or a graduate just starting out on your career: we will be delighted to meet you.
Candidates are invited to an initial talk at our Aachen offices, by early January 2016. From our side, we are curious to hear about your background, personal ambitions, and how they might match our team strategy.
For further information on these positions, please call Elektor or send an email.
Email:  ingrid.mulder@eimworld.com 
Phone (HQ): +31 46 438 9444
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