Wearables are increasing in popularity. This Wearable Wi-Fi Gadget is basically a round NodeMCU with the Silabs CP2101 USB-to-serial bridge replaced by the cheaper FT231XS from FTDI. The board has a port for an addressable WS2812-type LED string also known as NeoPixels.

The GPIO ports and power supply are brought out on special pads with large holes placed in a circle at the edge of the round board. These pads are intended for use with conductive thread, but you can, of course, also solder wires to them or use crocodile clips.
Wearable wifi gadget

Power for the circuit is supplied by either the micro-USB port or by connecting an external 5-V power supply. This is useful when using long LED strings as they demand more power than a normal USB port can provide. A high-capacity USB power bank is also an option.

The firmware was done with ESPHome which not only allows for easy programming, it also enables easy integration in a home automation controller like Home Assistant.

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