Laser cutting is a process that aims a high-power laser through optics to cut materials for industrial manufacturing applications. This type of manufacturing is classified as a sheet metal cutting process since it is often used to cut this form of metal. Laser cutting is also, however, commonly used for quality welding and to cut other materials such as composites, rubber, glass, wood, and aluminum.

Laser cutting is used to cut parts in materials ranging from aluminum to composite to acrylic to wood. Because of the precision, versatility, and automation of this cutting method, it is popularly used in industries including the aerospace, general manufacturing, automotive, medical, and electronics fields.
laser cutting

Benefits of Laser Cutting

High level of precision
As the name implies, laser cutters use a high-powered laser to cut through various types of metal. The laser beam is a column of very high intensity light, of a single wavelength, or color. The beam is only about 3/4’’ in diameter as it travels from the laser resonator through the machine’s path. The focused laser beam then travels through a nozzle before hitting the material. Along with the focused beam is compressed gas, such as Oxygen or Nitrogen. High level of precision and positional accuracy ensure laser cutting machines to be capable of cutting small diameter holes with complex detail.

Versatility in Designs
There are a few different types of laser cutters, but they all essentially use the same process of using a laser to cut material. The type of laser defines what type and thickness of material it can cut through, because different laser types have different power ranges. Common laser cutters are primarily used to cut materials like wood, some plastics, and paper and cardboard, although there are more powerful laser cutters that can cut through metals and much thicker materials.

Automation-Lower Cost
Laser Cutting Technology needs little manpower as contemporary laser cutting machinery is highly automated, which means lower costs compared to other cutting methods. Moreover, the whole process is automated, and only the beam comes into contact with the material. Therefore, there is no mechanical friction that could wear tools.

Generally speaking, the cost of laser cutting is affected by factors like machine cost, laser engraving cost, cost of materials etc. Not to mention the material cost and labor cost. A typical home laser cutting & engraving machine with a 25~60 Watt CO2 laser source and a bed size of between 8’’ x 12’’ (200 x 300mm) up to 16’’ x 24’’ (400 x 600mm) will cost anything from $475/€475/£420 for a K40 Chinese import to $7350/€7350/£6500 or more for Red Sail Clone from a USA or European Supplier. But there is a more efficient and cost-effective way - you can always turn to us for online laser cutting.

Elecrow Laser Cutting Service

Laser cutting is one of the Elecrow operating services, which is ideal for making custom parts quickly and economically for any project. We adopt the accurate technology and try our best to ensure the quality of the products.

The Elecrow Acrylic laser cutting service can provide you with various Acrylic colors which include transparent, black, purple, white, blue, green, red and yellow, etc, you can use our laser cutting service to make your name cards holders, ornaments and many other items you can image, now you can get a 40% off discount as Low as 10$ on Acrylic Laser Cutting promotion.
Elecrow laser cutting
Elecrow also provides a Wood Laser Cutting Service. You can choose from size 10cm*10cm with thickness of 2.0mm to size 30cm*30cm with thickness of 5.0mm.
Wood Laser Cutting Service