The Apple Watch has fantastic specifications when compared to a PC from some 20 years ago. While a 'standard' PC in 1995 was equipped with a 120-MHz Pentium I, 8 MB RAM and a 512 MB hard disk, the Apple Watch runs a processor at 520 MHz, has 512 MB RAM and 8 GB of internal storage. Only the display is a bit on the cramped side when compared to a VGA screen (640x480 pixels): 340x272 pixels.

This latter detail did not deter Nick Lee from attempting to install Windows 95 on an Apple Watch. Although it wasn't all plain sailing, which is entirely understandable, he nevertheless succeeded after a few tweaks to the WatchKit app. The Apple Watch does however take about an hour to boot Windows 95, which, according to Nick, is caused by the fact that he had to make an emulated version and not a virtualized version. But in the video clip below you can see that he actually managed to make it work. The purpose of the motor is to ensure that the watch does not go to 'sleep'.

The code can be downloaded from Github. But keep in mind your warranty before you try this yourself!

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