If wires and cables keep cluttering your desktop then you may be interested in wireless measuring and data-logging instruments. The SmartProbe is a concept for a hand-held probe without controls or display and that uses a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection to a smartphone or tablet app. The SmartProbe will be based on a Cypress EZ-BLE PSoC module that comprises a BLE radio, a 32-bit ARM processor, programmable digital logic and highly configurable analog circuits. Powered from a small rechargeable Li-ion battery, the probe will not need an external power supply and galvanic isolation comes "for free". For data storage an FRAM memory chip will be used. This new memory technology is a fully non-volatile RAM avoiding the block writing and limited cycle lifetime of EEPROM. OK, we will allow for one cable, a USB connection, to provide battery charging, firmware loading and an alternative to BLE for reading the data-logger. Read more on Elektor.Labs