35 kilograms, 6 kilowatts powerpack, 130 newtonmeter torque — this stunning e-motorbike from APWorks (an Airbus Group subsidiary) has the power/weight ratio of a super sports car. Although The Light Rider will not go faster than 80 km/h, its acceleration and maneuverability should be excellent for dense city traffic, and we reckon the courier boys and girls will love it. Nought to 45 kms in 3 s, 60 kms range, and all electric of course.

The bike’s frame was made by 3D-printing 60-micron thick layers of a material called Scalmalloy®, a corrosive resistant alloy designed for the avionics industry with the specific density of titanium. The frame has a sophisticated bionic design not unlike that of an exoskeleton. It weighs only 6 kgs and was optimized for weight reduction and ruggedness. The 3D technology used make the Light Rider frame  allows cables to be passed through the cavities and all fixation points to be integrated.

The Light Rider is not just a prototype: a limited edition can already be ordered from Airbus APWorks.