Single-board computers such as the Raspberry Pi and the Arduino are now commonplace whether in industry or at home, and are gaining popularity. Espressif's ESP8266 has also established itself both within the scene and at Elektor with its comprehensive functionality at a low price. The ESP32 is the new big brother sporting a dual-core processor, Bluetooth, more RAM and I/O extensions.

And no matter if you're using the smallest Mac Plus in the world or setting up a custom Wi-Fi network, here at Elektor we've already tested the new ESP32 extensively and are thrilled. That's why we are glad to introduce the ESP32 Design Contest 2018 for our readers, in close cooperation with Espressif. Participants can submit their project ideas, and the first 1000 entries are rewarded with a free ESP32-PICO-KIT. The projects are subsequently filed for evaluation by a committee of experts. For the best ideas a prize pool worth €2500 was raised.

Elektor has already been successful with similar campaigns in the past, such as the Intel Edison design competition, in which more than 16,000 readers participated and jointly appointed the winning project. Through such events, Elektor is able to join its readers with its corporate partners in creative campaigns, and showcase your products in the perfect environment.

All considered Elektor is happy with the successful start into the new year and we look forward to all future projects, editions and trade shows as well as to a hearty reunion and a successful cooperation!