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About ElektorLabs Magazine
ElektorLabs magazine (click for sample) covers key topics such as: rapid prototyping (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and more), embedded systems design/programming, robotics, 3-D printing, IoT, wireless communications, and much more. Every edition is loaded with: DIY electronics projects; electronics design/coding tips; real-world lab tests; and product news/reviews.

About Elektor's Online Community & Platform 
Elektor is growing international community of active pro makers, electronics engineers, and enthusiasts who are eager to learn, make, design and share innovative electronics. By signing up, you'll join the Elektor community and have access to our awesome online platform (see platform) to:
  • Collaborate with electrical engineers, the ElektorLabs engineering team, and other makers
  • Propose electronics projects and products for the Elektor webshop
  • Learn, design, and share electronics
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