Business Special “Microcontrollers & Tools”

February 1, 2015 | 12:09
De nieuwste Business Special
De nieuwste Business Special
A proven and successful concept for the German market, Elektor’s Business Special is now also available in English. Produced for the occasion of the Embedded World show in Nuremberg on February 24-26, this edition of Business Special covers Microcontrollers and Tools.

Editor Rolf Hähle has worked with several companies including Texas Instruments, Yogitech, Linear Technology, iSystem AG, and FTDI Chip, to publish a selection of their technical articles on products and technologies. Non-profit organization Rapberry Pi is also prominently included with an article on the new Rpi Model B with 1-GB quad-core CP.

Elektor’s Business Special “Microcontrollers & Tools” is a 36-page printed publication valued €4.95, which will be handed out to readers and customers visiting the Elektor booth at Embedded World, Nuremberg. It is also sent free of charge to Elektor GOLD members subscribing to the English and Dutch editions of the magazine.

The E-Book can be obtained by clicking on the Attachment below and logging on with your Elektor-ID. 
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Microcontrollers & Tools
Get your free Business Special here. This e-book is made as tablet-friendly PDF so you can enjoy it anywhere you like!
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