Overview of the TME assortment for amateurs and gamers

Long gone are the days when gamers had to make do with a worn, dusty PC, whose case was held together by four different screws and a piece of string. Nowadays, computer fiends go for high-performance hardware and flashy computer stations.

Even though TME does not specialise in providing computer accessories and hardware, our product catalogue includes an extensive range of accessories, hardware and auxiliary items used to design gaming computers, gaming stations or even recording facilities for streamers. These are both electronic and electrical components, such as: thermal regulators or wiring, as well as items for station illumination, hardware mounting, space management, etc. Therefore, we strongly advise you to get familiar with our offer!

In this article, you can read about:
  • Innovative Sunon fans
  • Computer enclosure and gaming station illumination
  • Gamers’ pointing device specifications
  • Audio and multiplayer hardware
  • Optimum monitor wall-mounts
  • Laptop suspension holders
  • What is a “good Ethernet cable”?
  • Under-desk cable management solutions
  • Repairing a computer mouse on your own
  • What is the “drift” and how to replace a gaming pad stick?
  • Correct body posture

New Sunon fan

Sunon is one of the world’s leading specialist providers of electronic equipment cooling fans installed in an extensive range of systems – from industrial solutions to PCs. The 12-centimetre MFC0251V2-S99 fan is a perfect example of a high-quality solution reflecting the company’s innovative approach. Most of all, it is designed to minimise noise emissions with a special rotor blade profile and airflow stabilising grooves placed on the blades. Such a design ensures that the sound emission level does not exceed 26.6 dB even at the full rotational speed (i.e. 1900 rpm). It can be achieved thanks to incorporating such features as a VAPO bearing (high dust-tightness rating and operation reliability at any given orientation) and the electromagnetic rotor stabilisation system (MagLev), both of which ensure an exceptionally uniform mechanism movement. It also results in an impressively long life of Sunon fans.
Designed with the use of innovative technology, the fan is also visually appealing.
The MFC0251V2-S99 model is supplied with standard 12 V voltage via a 4-pin connector, with PWM signal control, which additionally enhances the fan performance and maximises its operational effectiveness. Finally, one more advantage must be mentioned, i.e. its fresh, striking and innovative design that allows the fan to successfully operate even in a visible location, such as: CPU radiator, graphics adapter, cooler or enclosure side panel.

LED illumination

More and more frequently, gaming is closely accompanied by effective set-ups of not only computer enclosures, but also their interiors, especially when their user’s ambition is to make a mark in the streamers’ community. In this case, the TME product catalogue abounds in attractive solutions including a very wide range of optoelectronic components, such as LED strips, their power supply modules and fasteners. Let us have a closer look at two product groups within this range. The first category includes programmable LED strips. They facilitate obtaining any illumination hue at any point (pixel) to seamlessly “animate” your colour scheme. This capability is used in three ways. The most common solution consists in creating lighting effects or easily adapting illumination to changing needs, e.g. in a photographic studio or on a film set. The third function allows you to create “ambient” illumination corresponding to the image displayed on the screen, which can not only enhance the gamer’s experience, but also deepen their immersion in the game world.
Programmable RGB LED
A programmable RGB LED will emit any light hue you want.
Another extensive product range includes NEON LED strips ensuring flexibility presented in the above video clip. They allow you to create fancy shapes and even lettering, decorate the edges of various pieces of equipment, illuminate PC enclosure interiors, etc. They ensure uniform light intensity characteristic for classic neon signs, as the individual points are hardly noticeable to the naked eye, which creates an intriguing final effect. Note that it is achieved while retaining all the advantages of LED illumination systems, i.e. low supply voltage (usually 12 V DC), minimal energy consumption and low costs.
Programmable  RGB strips
Programmable RGB strips
As far as LED illumination systems are concerned, the TME assortment is really impressive. Another important section of our catalogue includes LED modules available in single-colour and RGB versions (including programmable systems). They are indispensable for illuminating glazed PC enclosures, providing the possibility to achieve precisely the intended visual effect.

Note also that, in addition to the light sources, we also offer a wide range of products that are directly related to their installation, i.e. LED drivers and profiles. Semiconductor-based illumination systems require correct power supply sources. To this end, especially designed drivers providing optimal and energy-efficient power supply even for very complex installations are used. Such solutions constitute a part of the Mean Well brand range available in versions from 7 W even up to 150 W – these are small-sized devices that can be connected directly to standard mains (via a socket).

LED profiles are mounting components facilitating the installation of LED strips and correct light dispersion, and also providing the attractive visual appearance of the entire installation. At the same time, the materials that are used to produce them contribute to heat dissipation from semiconductor structures, preventing excessive strip heating, thereby prolonging their lifespan and improving the operational safety. The LED strips available in the TME product catalogue can be supplemented with compatible connectors, covers, plugs and other auxiliary materials.

Peripherals and accessories

The most extensive range of accessories for gamers includes various types of peripherals and accessories. Firstly, the selection of basic pointing devices, i.e. mouse devices, keyboards and their sets should be noted. They come in both wireless and wired versions, the latter being often preferred by gamers as they guarantee minimal signal lags, connection continuity and pointing precision. Selected mouse device models feature a setting that allows for the step resolution adjustment of the optical sensor, i.e. dynamic changing of the device precision level with the press of a single button (a convenient feature for FPS game fans).
Gaming: Peripherals and accessories
In some cases, a mouse+keyboard combination is the baseline for a gaming set, which usually also includes a headset with a mic and a high-quality mouse pad. Here, the attractive multi-coloured backlighting of peripheral equipment for immersive gameplay in a shaded room constitutes an extra advantage.

The TME catalogue also features various gamepads. They come in wired and wireless (Bluetooth) versions. The latter can be equipped with a battery that can be recharged using a standard USB port. Moreover, for users’ convenience, selected models come with built-in headset connectors (a standard 3.5 mm jack connector).

Audio & Video accessories

Modern gaming is all about the multiplayer mode often requiring constant contact with teammates. For this reason, standard gamers’ accessories also include headsets, often combined with a mic. Such peripherals, complete with a Webcam, are essential equipment for any self-respecting streamer.

The TME catalogue includes not only FullHD cameras, but also in-ear and on-ear headsets or models with a mic installed in a headband or cable (including BT wireless peripherals), compatible with PCs, numerous consoles, but also mobile phones. Moreover, our product range includes portable and stationary speakers, including wireless stereo units, i.e. soundbars, offering good sound quality, for example when playing on a gaming laptop.

Note also that the TME range of peripherals and minor accessories extends beyond the products mentioned above. For example, our product catalogue also includes laptop cooling pads or external DVD drives. Visit the following link for a full range of auxiliary products.
Audio-video accessories for gaming

LCD mounts

A perfectly arranged gaming station always requires correct positioning of a monitor, or even two or more displays. “Correct positioning” not only involves an optimum viewing angle, but also user’s comfort, adaptability to their preferences and safe mounting of (sometimes quite heavy) devices. This is exactly where universal angle-adjustable (usually in two planes) mounts come in handy. Most gamers surely know what the VESA standard stands for. This abbreviation is elaborated as Video Electronics Standards Association , the standard that is predominantly used to specify the mounting hole spacing on the monitor and TV back panels. The TME catalogue includes mounts designed to accommodate various set-ups, from the smallest ones (50 x 50 mm) up to structures designed to mount displays with very large diagonals (800 x 400 mm spacing).
LDC mounts for gaming
A high-quality display mount ensures its adjustable, but still stable mounting.

Tabletop and laptop mounts

The majority of the products offered here are wall-mounted, but our customers can also find other specific solutions, e.g. designs screwed to tabletops or equipped with two independent arms. Here, it is worth considering mounts that allow a monitor and laptop to be suspended simultaneously above a desk surface. They not only ensure the convenient positioning of both displays and free up the desk space, but also enhance the airflow, i.e. improve the computer temperature control. It is particularly important for gaming devices, where cooling inefficiency results in automatic downgrading of the graphics processing unit (GPU) integrated in the motherboard.

Cable management

Offering various types of cables and wiring is TME’s speciality, and therefore customers looking for gaming equipment are presented with an extremely wide range of such products. This is particularly true of Ethernet cabling, which in this case includes an assortment consisting of hundreds of items. It is good practice to have an initial idea of your particular needs, as it is advisable to determine in advance the cable length and whether it needs to have a distinctive insulation colour (e.g. to make it easier to find or, conversely, to conceal it). For an average user, the cable category is less important. The typical cable designations include 5e, 6 and 6a. Note that all of them ensure the communication speed up to 1 Gbps, so they are almost identical from a consumer’s point of view. The 6 and 6a versions are industrial standards that can be used in households, but only to design more complex networks (with a few or several cables routed in parallel) or when they are routed among numerous other (power supply, signalling, etc.) cables.
gaming cables
The other significant groups of cables available in the TME catalogue include video, or multimedia, cables, as HDMI cables are also designed conduct digital audio signals. Here, a cable with correct pins and standard must be selected. A user can choose among DisplayPort and HDMI cables or adapters between these interfaces and their extenders. The TME catalogue includes versions whose length ranges from 10 cm to 100 m, with standard and miniaturised pins – such an extensive assortment surely includes a product catering for even the most unusual needs.

Extenders and cable management

A USB repeater is a non-standard extender. At considerable length (more than a few metres), cables for this interface require signal amplification. This is precisely what a repeater does, i.e. it ensures connection continuity even over a distance exceeding 20 m. Such repeaters prove indispensable when creating extensive systems, e.g. when a computer and its display are located in different rooms, etc.

Cable management is an important and, simultaneously, really arduous aspect of designing a gaming station. This is a hassle that everyone faces, but fortunately a spiral wrapping offers a solution to this problem. It is a modular braiding that allows cables to be routed in a single, orderly sequence. A spiral wrapping is designed in such a way that one or more cables can be fed into or out of it at any height, thus creating a neat duct which, with the help of special fasteners, is fixed in a selected (usually concealed, but easily accessible) location. The routed harness diameter can reach even a few centimetres, at length up to several dozen metres.

Spare parts

Users who are more competent in the field of peripheral gaming equipment design often attempt to repair electronic equipment on their own. The most common defects that plague this kind of equipment result from the wear and tear of electro-mechanical components, i.e. switches. Its symptoms may include incorrect mouse button response or incorrect operation of gaming pad sticks. In the former case, a repair is quite simple, as it usually consists in replacing SNAP ACTION type micro-switches commonly used in pointing devices. Such repairs require some soldering skills, but belong to the simplest servicing operations. Such buttons almost always have the same format and leads (which should be verified before starting any work!). These components offered in the TME product catalogue are provided by the Japanese OMRON company. They comply with the applicable industry standard, i.e. are highly durable (e.g. they can withstand 70 million cycles), and are characterised by universal electric parameters. Moreover, components belonging to the D2FC-7 series, in particular the D2FP-FN2 model are designed by OMRON especially for gaming hardware. Therefore their standard features include very short actuation times, high efficiency and clear, tactile clicks, which in turn also translates into lower power consumption and longer operation of wireless peripherals.
Typical computer mouse SNAP ACTION switch.

Servicing a gaming pad stick

Due to the fact that precision potentiometers are used, the design and repairs of gaming pad switches are more complex. Their wear and tear causes erratic stick operation, i.e. a “drift” or misalignment, which cannot be eliminated by software-based recalibration. If a gaming pad is no longer covered by a warranty, the user may individually replace a dual-axis switch located under the stick. Obviously, also in this case, it must be verified if a replacement has compatible leads, the knob stem and dimensions. We recommend a high-quality component offered by the prestigious C&K brand, as it is compatible with numerous gaming pad models, however, TME does not guarantee its compatibility with specific device models.


Each gamer will surely admit that maintaining a correct body posture in front of a screen is a challenge. Especially during highly competitive, long-lasting gameplay. Nevertheless, even most arduous gamers do not need to risk their health and sometimes even sacrifice their comfort. It is therefore worth ensuring high quality and comfort of a gaming station. A chair alone, even if its design is the best available on the market, cannot solve this problem, but a footrest is an affordable and very effective accessory improving the posture of people spending long hours at a desk. Proper foot support reduces muscle fatigue and ensures better blood circulation in the lower body. Out of the products included in the TME catalogue, we particularly recommend adjustable footrests that can be easily adjusted to allow for its user’s height, favourite body position and various chair height settings.
adjustable footrest
An adjustable footrest ensures, e.g. a better foot support angle.
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