Review: The Tazzari Zero Electric Car

April 28, 2010 | 05:00
Review: The Tazzari Zero Electric Car
Review: The Tazzari Zero Electric Car
. It just looks smaller and it feels cheaper. Driving it turned out to be a big disappointment. Even the added qualification 'Made in Italy' couldn't make up for the bad experience.

The interior of the car is futuristic looking. Switching gears (reverse and forward) is done by pressing a green button on the dashboard. The first thing I noticed, was a big red 'alarm' button situated where you would normaly find your gear stick. When I asked my guide what it was for, he said: "In case of an emergency..". Off to a good start. Just turning the car in the a small street seemed like an impossible task. The turning radius is huge! After switching gears for about six times I was finally driving.

But driving the Tazzari Zero on a normal road isn't a joy either. It's almost impossible to level out at a normaal speed. You either go fast or you don't move at all. The Tazzari Zero is highway proof according to the manufacturer, but with topspeed of just 95 km/h I wouldn't dare. The car reacts slow and breaks even slower.

Anything good to say about the Tazzari? Well.. the action radius is okay: about 140 km with one charge. And it drives cheap. Driving the Tazzari Electric one kilometer will cost you about 3 euro cents. If you take the roof off, it would make for a cool golf caddy.
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