Elektor Mag: Guest-Edited by Espressif


Following the successful publication of both the SparkFun (2021) and the Arduino (2022) guest-edited editions of Elektor Mag, we are delighted to welcome Espressif as our 2023 guest editor. With popular solutions such as the ESP8266 and ESP32, the Espressif team has consistently empowered pro engineers and creative makers to design innovative electronic systems. What is included in this guest edition of Elektor Mag? The magazine is packed with a wide range of content — from DIY projects to interviews to in-depth engineering tutorials — on topics including ESP32 with OpenDTU for balcony power plants, embedded development with Rust, ESP32 and ChatGPT, facial recognition with the ESP32-S3-EYE, handy engineering insights, and more. We are confident that the magazine — along with the free Bonus Edition — will generate months of innovation and many new electronics projects and applications. Make sure you post all of your Espressif-based projects on the Elektor Labs platform. We look forward to seeing your designs!




Exploring Matter with ZeroCode from Espressif
and the Guest-Edited Elektor Mag


An Elektor Webinar in Cooperation with DownStream Technologies (2).png

Join Elektor and Espressif at 4:00 PM (Berlin) on December 14, 2023, to explore Matter with ZeroCode. During the informative session, Espressif’s Anant Raj Gupta and Elektor’s Brian Tristam Williams will cover the following topics:

  • The essence and significance of Matter: A Unified Connectivity Standard within the IoT landscape.
  • Core innovations in Matter technology, including its data model, communication methods, and support for diverse device types.
  • The versatility and benefits of the ESP Matter SDK, its device compatibility, and integration across different SoCs.
  • A deep dive into ESP ZeroCode ExL Module, showcasing its role in fast-tracking the development of Matter-enabled smart home products and improving connectivity.
  • Exclusive insights into the Elektor Magazine Guest Edition, featuring collaborative projects between Elektor and Espressif.

Webinar attendees will have s chance to win one of 10 ESP32-C6 boards!



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