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500 ppm LCR Meter [110758]

Status: Finished
April 11, 2016
in Elektor magazine | March 2013 | Find it here
The remarkable precision of this device and its amazing ease of use are the result of careful design. It works so well behind its uncluttered front panel that one could almost forget the subtleties of the measurement techniques employed. A dream opportunity for our readers who are passionate about measurement to enjoy themselves. If, like us, you wonder at the marvels modern techniques bring within our reach, come along and feel the tiny fraction of a volt.

Publications in Elektor:
part 1 - March 2013 (downloadable below)
part 2 - April 2013
part 3 - May 2013
updates November 2013 (downloadable below)

The Elektor LCR meter on EEVBlog 

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