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Charging Controller and Monitoring for LiPo-Battery in a Bike Trailer

Status: Proposal
March 30, 2018
I build a Bike-Trailer with a LiPo Battery Pack under the Seats, that delivers the Power to drive the Rear-Wheel of the Bike with the Trailer. To controll the System, i would use a ESP32. This one controlls the Charging, Discharging and Power delivery. A Smartphone App (Android) let you take controll over all. The Bike also have a Handlebar to throttle the Power, all is connectet via Wifi to the Trailer. You only have to plug one Power-Connector (Bike-Trailer to the Bike) an enjoy the ride with your Children. Hill-Up is easy with Extra-Power , Hill-Down Charging the Batterie and quick accelerate for a funny Trip !
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