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ECG on the move

Status: Proposal
January 29, 2018 , Latest update: March 6, 2018
Signal is amplified and conditioned by three op amps. Different op amps will be tried fo best results. The 60/50 hz main noice will be eliminated by bothe analogues filters applined between output of op amp and by programattically removing in the kit. An optoisolator wil be used to for safety. The output will be plotted for generating ecg and the data will be captured and analyzed for abnormality. While complex alogorhythm will be used in the USB module, the LCD display module will give warning for major irregularilty in the ECG. Pulse rat will be counted and displayed as well. Computer software will be compatible with intel and arm based system using processing. A simple serial plotter will also provide acurate ECG.
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