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Uncle Billy

Garden Shed Environmental Monitor and Controller

Status: Proposal
January 31, 2018
I keep plants in my garden shed; it has to be heated over the winter and ventilated in the summer. The project is to create a monitor which will measure shed temperature and humidity, turn on a space heater in the winter or a vent fan in the summer to control the temperature and to report the status back to my home network where I can monitor and control conditions from my desktop. The system will also monitor outdoor temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. All variables will be logged and plotted on trend charts on the desktop.

I have plans for expansion but only the above items are included in this version. Future options (which may or MAY NOT be a part of this project, depending on time constraints and my mood) may include:

* Monitor the door and send a text or email alert if the door is opened when it shouldn't be;
* Take a snapshot from a camera and embed it in a web page or email it;
* Add additional weather variables such as wind speed and direction, solar radiation, rainfall for a complete weather monitoring system;
* Track the level of a water storage barrel which collects rain water from the shed roof.
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