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Pulse oxymeter with IR, Red LED's and photo IR photodiode/phototransistor

Status: Proposal
January 30, 2018 , Latest update: February 20, 2018
This is to measure pulse(beats per minute) and oxygen saturation(percent) using absorbtion of red and Infra red ligh source and detector and then applying some smart filters to keep away noise. Applying some smart calcualtions using the power of the ESP32 kit, the display can be an OLED display for portable purpose of a remote monitoring by wifi of mobile monitoring by using iOT. The ultra low cost(cost of all components other then kit estimated below 2$) and an attempt to provide most reliable measurements by caliberating the equipment with standard pulse oxy metres and using hypoxemic volunteers, this will be inexpensive in home ICU which is my dream
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