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Remote controlled lawmower - step 1

Status: Proposal
February 8, 2018
The full target is an autonomous lawn mower that cuts the lawn automatically when required. As I have solar panels and want to use the sun energy when it's available there is not much choice where to spend : air conditioning and cutting the lawn. So it will be on the mains and surrounded by a lot of precautions to make it safe. 
In this phase ( step-1)  the intention is to make at least remote controlled ( still human intervention )  by using MQTT and Wifi connectivity. A steering panel containing a ESP32 for the RC , an ESP32 for the execution of steering and driving. As can be seen on the picture it's hacking at his best : an old alu lawnmower base, combined with a small steering wheel of a bicycle, controlled by window motor of a car and an e-bike motor to drive the front-wheel.
Let's see how far I get with this. 
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