The SecretSafe is a USB connected offline password storage protected by an RFID tag and a PIN. Never forget your passwords.

My proposed project is an offline password vault compatible with one of the known password vaults (e.g. password Safe). Never forget your passwords for all your accounts! The heart of the application is formed by the ESP32. The vault file is stored on an SD card. Using an RFID token, the vault can be opened. The vault is locked by its (long) password. That password is stored on the RFID tag and can be unlocked by a PIN code with a limited number of trials. Each user can have a seperate RFID tag only unlocking the users vault. On an LCD screen an account can be selected or searched in the vault. Once selected, the password is entered in the (PC) application by emulating a USB keyboard. URL, username and password are 'entered' seperated by TAB or ENTER. This application limits the risk that all passwords are obtained when the computer happens to run malware and a vault stored on the computer is opened. The project will use standard modules for RFID reader, SD card slot, a tiny arduino Leonardo for USB keyboard emulation and a Nextion LCD screen (that allows to create nice GUI's). Total costs for the components for this project is estimated to be around $40.