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The resurrection of an iconic Thinking Machine CM-2

Status: Proposal
March 25, 2018
This project is for the Computer Museum of America who owns an original CM-2 machine that is non-functional.  This project aims to bring the formerly dead carcase back to life by fitting 16 custom LED panels carrying 256 LEDs each - 4096 total - all Bluetooth and WiFi controlled via an ESP32.  The LEDs will normally blink a simulation pattern of the CM-2 operation that will eventually give way to an actual CM-2 machine emulator.  The ESP32 allows for museum administrators to switch the LED display to patron messaging, other graphical effects, and even a large freqeuncy spectra-graph for Bluetooth A2DP music straming (with audio line-out from ESP32)!  Each LED is PWM controlled with 256 tuned shades of red.  This display along with a large supercomputing exhibit will debut at the Computer Museum of America during the Vintage Computer Festival Southeast 6.0 on April 21 & 22 2018!
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