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Plug and Go shield

Status: Proposal
March 17, 2018 , Latest update: March 27, 2018
Using the Plug and Go Shield, makers easily can plug in different sensors and actuators that are popular. For example from the 37 sensors kit.

One side has the ESP32-PICO-V4, and the other side has the OLED display, 3 programmable LED's and the sensor pads.

The shield has on both sides a 90' angle header with a specific pattern, so that is possible to connect a variety of sensors and actuators. If the connection is (S + -) or (- + S) or (S - +) the layout has these, and more options. 

Besides the sensor headers, the shield already has LEDs that can be used directly. And sensor vp/vn pads.

The shield is to be soldered with SMD 0805 components, besides through hole headers.
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