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Christian Herr
Christian Herr 58 minutes ago
Great work. Thank you for uploading the files.
HV Power supply with tube and semiconductor curve tracer
Royce Richmond
Royce Richmond 6 hours ago they charge you for the space you use, so if your PCB is really, really tiny is a good option, if it is more than 2 square inch it might get a little expensive. i have used their service in my robotics projects and college projects. Although their quality is great, they have issues too, so far i had received one order faulty (all PCB had small dots of copper where it shouldn't), and one half faulty order (just half of the order had the same problem of copper dots). if you send them an email, alongside some evidence of your claim, they resend your order to the fab for free (that's cool). the shipping is free, but not always reliable, at least for mexico, so that something that's on my side  
Who is your favourite PCB pooler?
Matthias 7 hours ago
D2L3 Alamak Car
HaSch 8 hours ago
Please upload a BOM (Bill of Materials). Some components are hard to find without knowing the manufacturer (e.g. X1, L1).  
Wearable LED Controller [160597]
HaSch 10 hours ago
Exactly that doesn't work for me! I have Elektor set with ATmega328P-PU and it's as I described above. In your sketch "pinMode(9, OUTPUT)" is in comments and it makes no difference if "//" are deleted or not. I controlled the value of "lights" in serial console and it's within the allowed range. It becomes 255 and it becomes 1 but there is no effect on the LED.
3 displays alarm-clock with TFT screen, developped with Arduino [170112]