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We’re hiring sensor specialists (again)

Foreword and contents
A few years ago IoT was a techno fledgling without a proper name and growing rather haphazardly. As the concept matured, many in the industry and in small labs were extremely occupied with programming and finding common ground for the largest number of interconnected devices on the planet. IoT since then has become an everyday reality. At first glance it may appear that industry conglomerates like the new M2.COM are ruling the roost in terms of IoT device development. A keener eye however discovers two other forces active “underground” where a lot is happening and ingenuity abounds. I mean (1) the wild bunches out there on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, and (2) the rising number of young engineers who work analogue again because their expertise is badly needed by the joint IoT programmers and sales force.
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