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Lithium Charger

Lithium Charger

Batteries based on lithium, such as LiPo (Lithium-polymer) and Lithium-Ion ones are ideal candidates to supply a robot with power. Compared to other types of battery they are lighter, which results in a lower mechanical strain on the chassis. The availability is good as well, and they are manufactured in many shapes and sizes.




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Component list


R1,R2,R6 = 10 k (SMD 0805)

R3,R4 = 100 k 1% (SMD 0805)

R5 = 180 mW  1/4 W  (SMD 1210) , bijv. Digikey P.18SCT-ND



C1,C2 = 10 m/25 V (SMD 12010)

C3...C5 = 100 n (SMD 0805)

C6 = 47 n (SMD 0805)



D1 = BAT54 (SOT-23)

D2,D3 = MBRS540T3G (SMC), e.g. Digikey MBRS540T3GOSCT-ND

IC1 = MAX745

T1 = FDS6911 (SOIC12, e.g. Digikey FDS6911CT-ND



L1 = 22μH (JW-MILLER PM2110-220K-RC), e.g.Digikey M8760-ND

JP1,JP2 = jumper with 2-polige SIL-header

PCB, ref. 070273-1

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