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The RV-3029-C2 “Swiss Clock”

Off-air awfully accurate drop-in RTC & calendar on I²C

The RV-3029-C2 “Swiss Clock”
This RTC & Calendar board is built around Micro Crystal’s type RV-3029-C2 integrated circuit. The ‘3029 is a real-time-clock/calendar (RTC) cheerfully communicating via the I2C protocol. It offers good precision out of the box, and fine precision when tweaked.
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Extra info / Update
* Micro Crystal RV-3029-C2 RTC/Calendar chip
* Battery backup
* Selectable clock output
* 6 ppm max. error default
* 3 ppm error achievable with DTCXO tweaking
* I2C connectivity
* Free Arduino test & config utility
* Drop-in module
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Component list
0.1W, 1%, 75V
R1,R2,R3 = 1k?*
R4 = 10k?*

C1 = 10nF, ±10%, X7R, 50V, 0603

IC1 = RV-3029-C2 option B RTC, SMD, I2C, 32.768kHz (Micro Crystal), Farnell # 1641059

BAT1 = CR1620, 3V button cell, 16mm diam.
Holder for BAT1, single cell, 16mm
K1 = 7-pin pinheader, 0.1’’ pitch
PCB # 150101 from ElektorStore

* fit or omit depending on application, see text.

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