Just like PCB business, PCBWay also specializes in prototyping and small-volume PCBA production, making PCBWay the one-stop destination of boards fabrication and assembly. This arrangement makes your R&D work easy and time-saving. The professional engineers and technicians will work closely with you through our customer service people to ensure the best quality and quickest possible lead time. Fulfilling thousands of orders daily from around the world, PCBWay has been established as the leading supplier of PCB and PCBA services for consistent quality and excellent services with low price starting from only $30.

PCBWay PCBA capabilities: SMT Assembly, BGA Assembly, Through-Hole Assembly, Mixed Assembly, Rigid Flex PCB Assembly Services. Compliant with a wide range of standards including IPC 610 Class 2 and Class 3.

1. Get instant online quotes for PCB assembly by filling in the quantity (if you are not sure about the number of Unique Parts, SMT pads, through holes, they can be empty).

2. Upload Gerbers file, Parts List (BOM) and Centroid file, please read SMT Ordering Necessary Files & Info. So that we can quote you faster and more accurately.

3. During the manufacturing process, PCBWay will send sample pictures to you to confirm everything is correct. If you need to test or program, just provide test methods or programming solutions in quote.
Besides the rigid board assembly, PCBWay also provide FPC assembly service.

FPC is also called flexible circuit board and flexible board. It has the characteristics of high wiring density, light weight and thin thickness. It is a highly flexible and excellent flexible printed circuit board. SMD (Surface Mount Device) surface mount on FPC has become one of the development trends of SMT technology.

Information to be provided for FPC patch processing
1. Complete FPC board making files (Gerber files, layout drawings, steel mesh files) and board making requirements;
2. Complete BOM (including model, brand, package, description, etc.);
3. PCBA assembly drawing.
FPC belongs to a special process, with a certain technical threshold and difficulty of operation. PCBWay has a team of senior engineers with many years of experience in FPC processing. In the FPC process.
Inside PCBWay assembly factory: