Protecting Companies Working Remotely During COVID-19

Due to the global impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, many companies are in work-from-home mode. Since a large number of employees may need to log in to the company network remotely and use cloud applications, enterprises may be facing new security threats for the first time.

Considering the large volume of data transmission in the 5G era and the high requirements of enterprises for security protection, Apacer, a leading industrial storage and memory brand, created the CoreSecurity2 technology, integrating exclusive four innovative security protection technologies for SSDs. These include: destroying hardware and software if necessary, erasing data thoroughly, encrypting data when reading and writing it, and protecting drives from unauthorized access. This comprehensive approach delivers unparalleled security. It’s ideal for enterprises who need quick and powerful access to close security holes that may have been opened by transitioning to work-from-home mode.

Four Approaches To Strengthening Security for Software, Hardware and Firmware

To better meet the strict security requirements of enterprise customers, Apacer’s industrial-grade SSDs can be shipped with CoreSecurity2 already built in. Take Server and Networking applications as an example. They will benefit particularly from the Encryption upgrades that CoreSecurity2 includes. By adhering to the TCG Opal 2.0 specification, Apacer uses the rock-solid AES 128 and 256 protocols to encrypt all data as its written to the SSD. In addition to providing extremely high security, this approach also allows users to send an Instant Keychange™ trigger command. This is done only when a drive is going to fall into the hands of a bad actor, and will destroy the original security key and replace it with a new one in less than a second. The result is that the data can no longer be decrypted, and the bad actor will be completely unable to access confidential information.

CoreSecurity2 contains three more powerful technologies. In a similar way to the case described above, if a drive is about to fall into the hands of a bad actor, the user may wish to destroy it quickly and effectively to prevent sensitive data from falling into unknown hands. The Destroy function makes this possible. There are multiple ways to carry this out, including both physical and digital destruction methods, and the command can be sent via software or hardware. The Erase function also provides multiple erasure options. In addition to quick and standard erase functions, military-grade overwriting can also be performed.

And the Protect function is useful as well, since it can prevent unauthorized data tampering or writing to the hard disk. For industrial, defense and healthcare applications that require extremely high sensitivity and confidentiality of data, CoreSecurity2 improves security at the software, hardware and firmware levels.

Meeting Demanding Specs In a Variety of Interfaces

In addition to its powerful features, CoreSecurity2 is popular among international manufacturers because it is available in a variety of specifications. Industrial-grade SATA and PCIe interfaces are available, and models that can tolerate wide temperature swings and challenging operating environments are ready to ship as well. This means manufacturers serving the defense and healthcare industries can market these value-adding features to their discerning customers. Apacer carries out rigorous internal testing to ensure every SSD can deliver the reliability and durability it promises.

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Apacer’s CoreSecurity2 Delivers Next-level SSD Security