The new Nordic Semiconductor multiprotocol SoC (System on Chip) nRF52833 supports Bluetooth 5.1, Bluetooth Mesh, 802.15.4, Thread, ZigBee and proprietary 2,4GHz protocols. For developments based on the nRF52833 there is also a flexible single-board Development Kit (DK) available at

With a wide range of protocols, an extended temperature range of -40°C to 105°C, 512KB flash and 128KB RAM memory and a powerful 64MHz Arm Cortex-M4F processor, the nRF52833 SoC is very versatile. Thanks to its Bluetooth 5.1 capable radio the ultra-low power SoC supports direction finding. In addition, it includes various analog and digital interfaces. Full-speed 12Mbps USB, high-speed 32MHz SPI and up to + 8dBm output power make the nRF52833 a high-end member of the nRF52 series.

The DK allows access to all I/O and interfaces via connectors, four LEDs and four buttons are user-programmable. Hardware compatibility with the Arduino Uno Revision 3 standard makes it easy to use third-party shields. The kit has an integrated PCB antenna and a connector for the included external NFC antenna. Thanks to Rutronik on  the built-in Segger J-Link debugger it allows programming and debugging both the on-board and external SoC through the debug out header. The DK supports Segger Embedded Studio, Keil, IAR and GCC IDEs and toolchains.

The nRF52833 SoC and the DK are suitable for applications like professional lighting, asset tracking and wayfinding, multiprotocol devices, mesh networks, wearables, smart home automation, toys, VR and AR, gaming, sports and fitness.

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