Following the success of our SparkFun (2021) and Arduino (2022) collaborations, we are delighted to welcome Espressif as Elektor Mag’s 2023 guest editor. The issue is available now! Dive into projects, interviews, tutorials on topics such as ESP32 and ChatGPT, the ESP32-P4, an ESP32-Based Energy Meter, ESP-Launchpad, AIoT innovation, and much more.
Espressif Guest-Edited Edition of Elektor Mag
The Espressif guest-edited edition of Elektor Mag.

Inside the Espressif Guest-Edited Issue

In close collaboration with our friends at Espressif, we have packed this issue with a variety of content, from projects to tutorials, on topics including song recognition on an ESP32, embedded development with Rust, facial recognition with the ESP32-S3-EYE, and helpful engineering insights, and more. We are sure that the magazine — along with the free Bonus Edition that we’re sharing with the community through the Elektor Newsletter — will generate hours of innovation and dozens of exciting new electronics projects. Good luck with your next project!
Elektor Espressif Edition - Table of Contents
Table of contents
  • A Color E-Ink Wi-Fi Picture Frame
  • An Open-Source Speech Recognition Server and the ESP32-S3-BOX-3
  • AIoT Chip Innovation: An Interview With Espressif CEO Teo Swee-Ann
  • Prototyping an ESP32-Based Energy Meter
  • ESP32 and ChatGPT: On the Way to a Self-Programming System
  • Walkie-Talkie with ESP-NOW: Not Quite Wi-Fi, Not Quite Bluetooth, Either
  • Acoustic Fingerprinting on ESP32: Song Recognition With Open-Source Project Olaf
  • The Thinking Eye: Facial Recognition and More Using the ESP32-S3-EYE
  • ESP32-C2-Based Coin Cell Switch: Design and Performance Evaluation
Walkie-Talkie with ESP-NOW
Walkie-Talkie with ESP-NOW
  • Who Are the Rust-Dacious Embedded Developers?: How Espressif Is Cultivating Embedded Rust for the ESP32
  • ESP Launchpad Tutorial: From Zero to Flashing in Minutes
  • Simulate ESP32 with Wokwi: Your Project’s Virtual Twin
  • From Idea to Circuit With the ESP32-S3: A Guide to Prototyping With Espressif Chips
  • Electronics Workspace Essentials: Insights and Tips from Espressif Engineers
  • Your AIoT Solution Provider
  • Tech the Future: Where Is Smart Home IoT Headed?
  • Trying Out the ESP32-S3-BOX-3: A Comprehensive AIoT Development Platform
  • The ESP RainMaker Story: How We Built “Your” IoT Cloud
The complete Wi-Fi picture frame project
The complete project schematic diagram, including the 3.3 V DC-DC converter, the ESP32-C3-WROOM-02 module, and the power supply for the display.
  • Assembling the Elektor Cloc 2.0 Kit: An Elektor Product Unboxed by Espressif
  • Unleashing the ESP32-P4: The Next Era of Microcontrollers
  • Circular Christmas Tree 2023: A High-Tech Way to Celebrate the Holiday Season
  • Rust + Embedded: A Development Power Duo
  • Espressif’s Series of SoCs\
  • Building a PLC with Espressif Solutions: With the Capabilities and Functionality of the ISOBUS Protocol
  • The ESP32-S3 VGA Board: Bitluni’s Exciting Journey Into Product Design
  • Interview With Arduino on the Nano ESP32
  • Streamlining MCU Development With ESP-IDF Privilege Separation
Workspace essentials
Check out these electronics workspaces. Espressif engineers share their insights.
  • The Smart Home Leaps Forward with Matter: Unlocking Smart Home IoT Potential
  • A Simpler and More Convenient Life: An Amateur Project Based on the Espressif ESP8266 Module
  • How to Build IoT Apps without Software Expertise: With Blynk IoT Platform and Espressif Hardware
  • A Value-Added Distributor for IoT and More
  • Building a Smart User Interface on ESP32
  • Quick & Easy IoT Development with M5Stack

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