Sensirion, a world’s leading provider of environmental and flow sensor solutions, is proud to announce the partnership with Delta Controls for using Sensirion’s environmental sensors in their thermostat and O3 Sensor Hub.
In recent times, air quality has become an increasingly important issue that affects not only the way people live, travel and eat, but also the manner in which buildings are designed. Modern buildings strive to achieve high energy efficiency to save natural resources used for heating. But more air-tight buildings can often mean that there is less air exchange through walls, roofs, windows or cracks, reducing access to fresh air that is needed for a healthy indoor environment. The consequence is that air-tight buildings are often too insulated for healthy living, trapping not only heat but also increased levels of CO2 that result from prolonged human presence. By monitoring the indoor air quality, it is possible to control CO2 concentrations in the air and avoid symptoms that come from high CO2 levels such as sensory irritation, disrupted cognitive abilities, and sick building syndrome by optimized ventilation. Furthermore, in airtight buildings, it’s essential to control humidity levels to avoid the risk of mold build-up.
Delta Controls focuses on innovation and sustainability and addresses these issues with its new devices. Having been an industry leader for over 30 years, Delta Controls offers dependable and user-friendly control solutions for buildings. The direction to increase occupant comfort and productivity has led to the development of new, innovative thermostat and sensor fused technologies that contribute significantly to improving air quality, while relying on Sensirion’s SCD30 CO2 sensor and SHTC3 digital humidity and temperature sensor. The O3 Sensor Hub in particular detects motion, sound, light, humidity, and temperature, and is perfectly designed to fit the most urgent consumer needs. Delta Controls also offers the flexibility to manage the unique requirements of buildings with the eZNS thermostat. “Sensirion’s ability to cost effectively, package high precision sensing technology in a tiny footprint has allowed us to design sensor rich devices capable of providing more accurate, faster and smarter feedback of the conditions of a monitored space.” says Delta Control’s Product Manager, Gamal Mustapha.
Sensirion, the leading expert in environmental sensing, offers innovative sensor solutions that provide detailed and reliable data on key environmental parameters such as humidity, temperature, carbon dioxide (CO2), particulate matter and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The SCD30 is a reliable CO2, humidity, and temperature sensor based on CMOSens® Technology for IR detection, enabling highly accurate carbon dioxide measurements at a competitive price. The SHTC3 digital humidity and temperature sensor has been designed to overcome conventional limits on size, power consumption and price-performance ratio in order to fulfill the requirements of the consumer electronic market.
“Delta Control’s devices are the perfect fit for our environmental sensors, offering precise measurements that enable regulation of air quality smartly in office environments,” says Ace Perez, Key Account Manager at Sensirion Inc..
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