Distrelec adds digilents DMC60C Digital Motor Controller to Web Shop

May 9, 2019 | 10:00
Distrelec adds digilents DMC60C Digital Motor Controller to Web Shop
Distrelec adds digilents DMC60C Digital Motor Controller to Web Shop
Distrelec, leading European distributor of electronics, automation and measurement technology, has added leading supplier of electrical engineering products, Digilent’s, DMC60C Digital Motor Controller to their web shop. The new addition to the single-board computing category is welcomed by Distrelec’s network of customers in the research and education sector, as the product is approved for use in the international FIRST Robotics Competition.

The FIRST Robotics Competition attracts high school students from across the globe who are tasked with developing and building functional robots to compete in a series of tasks. The competition has very strict compliance rules, with all robots inspected before being allowed to compete. Recognising the importance of this competition, as well as others that are pivotal to inspiring future science and technology leaders, the Digilent DMC60C’s design features comply with competition regulations.
Alex Wong, Sales Manager at Digilent has stated, “The DMC60C is a powerful compact motor driver designed for any application where 12V brushed DC motors are needed, and is an approved motor controller for FIRST Robotics Competitions. The DMC60C features a web configuration utility that can be installed on any FRC-configured roboRIO. This configuration utility enables live configuration of several DMC60C parameters, including closed loop PID constants. This makes the DMC60C an ideal component in any robotics application.”
The DMC60C comes equipped with multiple control schemes that can be used with open or closed loop controls, and LED indicators to quickly display statuses and error states. The product’s smooth and precise motor control is aided by a fast output switching frequency and has robust gauge input/output cables for different applications.
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