Distrelec adds the Makeblock Halocode to Webshop

June 7, 2019 | 13:00
Distrelec adds the Makeblock Halocode to Webshop
Distrelec adds the Makeblock Halocode to Webshop
Distrelec, leading European distributor of electronics, automation and measurement technology, has added the new single-board computer with built in Wi-Fi, HaloCode, by leading STEAM education solution provider, Makeblock. 
Steve Herd, Head of Customer Proposition and Product Management has stated; “Makeblock is championing the education of emerging technologies in schools, universities and educational institutions by enabling accessible and simple tools and products to learn with. Through providing products that can support and inspire our future engineers, makers and developers, Distrelec is actively encouraging the future of technological innovation.”
Makeblock has designed the HaloCode product for the programming education sector. The hardware is compact, and integrates easily with a broad selection of electronic modules making application simple for all ages. Through pairing with block-based programming software mBlock, HaloCode offers students and researchers the opportunity to experience and learn about AI and IoT applications with just a few clicks, making innovation easy and achievable.  Along with supporting AI speech recognition, the product integrates easily with various sensors for electronic projects as well enabling students to learn to code with ease with multi-thread programming.
The Makeblock HaloCode provides application opportunities for a wide age-range, with LAN functionality enabling limitless connections between multiple HaloCodes, providing the capability for creative effects such as dreamlike digital art. Further fuelling applications that are more creative, the hardware comes with 4MB of memory and an Xtensa dual-core 32-bit LX6 microprocessor, giving the HaloCode powerful computing capabilities. This allows multiple programs to run simultaneously and synchronises complex and diverse functions.
The Makeblock HaloCode is available from the Distrelec website.
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