Promising outstanding performance at an affordable price, Distrelec, leading distributor of electronics, automation and measurement technology, now stocks the new TEC 2 and 3 (WI) Series from prominent manufacturer of power supplies Traco Power.

Michael Bruderer, Head of High Service Distribution at Traco Power, has stated; “The four new DC/DC converter Series enable a significantly increased efficiency. With the reduction of thermal loss, the operating temperature can be expanded, now covering -40°C up to +95°C (with derating). Together with Distrelec, we at Traco Power endeavour to connect industry professionals with products they can depend on to get the job done.”
TEC Series design combines improved characteristics with reliability and cost-efficiency versus the prevalent 2 and 3 Watt SIP-8 DC/DC converters. Engineered to meet safety standards IEC/EN/UL 62368-1 and UL 60950-1, these new DC/DC converters from Traco Power are well positioned to serve the general purposes industries.
The converter topologies achieve a greatly improved overall regulation of within 0.2 and 1%. Moreover, the 4.5 VDC input now reaches up to 18 VDC.
Steve Herd, CEO at Distrelec, has stated; “Our customers want quality products that they can rely on, at affordable prices, sourced from the most innovative suppliers in the world. Distrelec’s partnership with Traco Power, and our ability to stock their latest technology, is an example of our dedication to harvesting close relationships with suppliers – all with the aim of ensuring customers get the latest products, at the right time, in order to complete their unique projects.”
Traco Power’s TEC 2 and 3 (WI) Series is now available from the Distrelec web shop.