Business News: Embedded World, ACRN Proejct, Uber + VR

March 22, 2018 | 21:48
Acquisitions and innovation abound in the electronics industry. Let’s review some of the most important electronics industry news stories from North America and Europe.
  • ACRN Embedded Reference Hypervisor Project: The Linux Foundation recently announced a new embedded reference hypervisor project named ACRN. Its purpose is enable engineers to develop an open-source embedded hypervisor for the IoT. Intel has contributed code and engineering to the project. Learn More
  • Uber Pursues Virtual Reality: Ride-sharing titan Uber has filed a patent for virtual reality (VR) technology for automobiles. According to the company’s filing, “A virtual reality system is disclosed that provides autonomous vehicle (AV) sensor data to applications such as games and augmented reality overlays to enhance experiences for riders in the autonomous vehicle.” Learn More
  • Adaptive Compute Acceleration Platform: FPGA powerhouse Xilinx has announced a new product category, adaptive compute acceleration platform (ACAP), which is an integrated multicore compute platform that can be changed at the hardware level to address the requirements of a wide range of applications from artificial intelligence to network acceleration. Xilinx EO Victor Peng calls ACAP the most “significant engineering accomplishment since the invention of the FPGA.”
  • ESP32 Design Contest Deadline  Approaching: The submission deadline for the ESP32 Design Contest is March 31, 2018. Prizes include a Siglent SDG5122 120-MHz Function Generator, Anet A6 Homelab 3-D Printer Kit, and more. Learn More
  • IAR Systems to Acquire Secure Thingz: In a move to become a leader in Internet of Things security, IAR Systems has announced it is acquiring Secure Thingz, an embedded systems security solutions provider. The transaction is expected to be finalized on April 11, 2018. 
  • Video: Elektor at Embedded World 2018: Each year, the Embedded World trade fair is a "must attend" event for engineers, executives, and innovators working in the embedded systems industry. Elektor's editorial team was at the 2018 show to interview exhibitors, talk with fellow engineers, and cover the new innovative technology on display.

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