Elektor’s Cool Summer Deals still going strong

July 23, 2015 | 10:15
Elektor’s Cool Summer Deals still going strong
Elektor’s Cool Summer Deals still going strong
The Elektor Cool Summer Deals are as popular as ever, with people across the globe snapping them up at every opportunity. The deals on a wide range of products have appealed many, with our Raspberry Pi KODI/XMBC Media Player, Flowcode 6 and 1980s/1990s/2000s Decade DVDs proving to be some of our bestsellers! But of course, we aren't done yet...

We still have plenty of Cool Summer Deals heading your way. Online now, you can find a 15% discount on The Three Fives Kit that lets you build your own 555 timer circuit out of discrete components, as well as an extremely discounted Raspberry Pi Maker Kit that contains all you need to bring 20 simple projects to life, including 62 parts and a 160-page handbook. Also available is a T-boards Bundle that will contain all five of our T-boards — normally priced at €84.30, but with the Elektor Summer Deal you can get your hands on all five for only €69.50 (£50.95 / US $78)! That's a discount of almost 20%!

But of course, we will also be able to tempt you to keep checking back with us by giving you a sneak peak of our upcoming deals. We will have discounts off our extraordinary Bottle Builder compendium of amp designs that will keep your entertained for hours on end, as well as an IoT Kit from Congatec. Not only this, but we will also have offers on our UltiProp Clock, a ready assembled and tested module including enameled wire and fan for construction of the transformer, and our brand new (not even available yet) EAGLE Companion — An advanced User's Guide.

So make sure you keep checking the Elektor Store so you can take advantage of these amazing deals every day!

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