Power- and energy-related applications are among the most popular projects that appear in Elektor Mag. We’ve been publishing articles about them for decades. In the January/February 2024 edition of Elektor Mag, we continue the tradition. We’ve got something for everyone, whether you are interested in balcony power plants, DIY energy meters, or PV energy management systems.
Elektor Mag Jan/Feb 2024: power and energy
Elektor Jan/Feb 2024

Inside Elektor January/February 2024

Looking for your next power and energy project? Itching for some engineering tutorials, tips, and tricks? Let’s take a closer look at the content in this edition of Elektor Mag.
Jan Feb 2024 TOC
Table of contents
  • Project Update: ESP32-Based Energy Meter
  • Next Steps in Prototyping: Optimizing Balcony Power Plants: Considerations, Interesting Facts, and Calculations
  • ESP32 With OpenDTU for Balcony Power Plants: Read Data from Small Inverters Via MCUs
  • Simple PV Power Regulator: Build Your First, Fully Functional PV Energy Management System
  • Energy Storage Today and Tomorrow: An Interview With Simon Engelke
  • 2024: An AI Odyssey: It’s Not Letting Up
energy meter elektor - Elektor power and energy
ESP32-Based Energy Meter
  • Chadèche: Smart Ni-MH Charger/Discharger
  • Bluetooth LE on the STM32: A Way to Read Measurements Remotely
  • Human-Centric Smart Kitchen Grocery Container
  • MAUI: Programming for PC, Tablet, and Smartphone: The New Framework in Theory and Practice
  • ChatMagLev: The AI Way of Levitation
  • Cold-Cathode Devices: Peculiar Parts, the Series
  • From Life’s Experience: Nostalgia
  • Starting Out in Electronics: Looking at FETs
  • CAN Bus Tutorial for the Arduino UNO R4: Two UNO R4s Hop on the Bus!
variable linear power supply.png
Variable linear supply
  • Variable Linear Power Supply Ensemble: 0…50 V / 0…2 A + Dual Symmetrical Supply
  • Infographics: Power & Energy
  • Comprehensive Design and Development Support: Arrow Engineering Services
  • Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors: Interference Potential in Audio Technology
  • USB Test and Measurement: The Fnirsi FNB58
  • The Pixel Pump Pick-and-Place Tool: Simplifying Manual SMT Board Assembly
  • HomeLab Tours: Not So Long Ago, in a Far-Away Country...
  • EiE: “In the world of ethics in electronics, even small steps can make a significant impact.”
  • Ethics in Electronics: The OECD Guidelines and Germany’s Supply Chain Due Diligence Act
  • Err-lectronics: Corrections, Updates and Readers’ Letters
  • Comparing Power Density and Power Efficiency

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